Brake Repair

Our technicians are some of the top brake repair techs in Edmonton


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We are committed to providing you with a safe and reliable vehicle, and the brake systems play a critical role in that. This is why we offer a full-suite of brake repair services to ensure that your brakes can handle all the challenges you face on the road. Our technicians are some of the top brake repair techs in Edmonton, Alberta, and the industry as a whole. Using our extensive experience and high-quality equipment, we fix the issues you experience and ensure you drive away in a safe and secure car.

Signs You Need Brake Repairs

Unlike other parts and systems that can be difficult to diagnose, the brake system provides drivers with a lot of information if you know what to look and listen for. If you suspect any issues with your brakes, here are common problems you may experience and the warning signs that come with it:

  • Worn Brake Pads: Used to help protect the calipers, the brake pads allow the calipers to safely clamp around the brake disc and slow down your vehicle. Over time, these pads begin to wear down and, if you do not act quickly, the calipers can be exposed. How can you tell if the pads are worn? The best way is to listen to the brakes during usage. If you hear squeaking or squealing while braking, this is a clear sign the pads are worn. If you hear any grinding, please get to our shop immediately, as this indicates major damage is happening within the brakes.
  • Spongy Pedal: Although the amount of pressure you place on the brake pedal varies on the vehicle (some vehicles require more pressure), you should have a general sense and feeling of how much pressure you need to apply in your vehicle. If you have to apply additional pressure on the pedal to activate the brakes, this is a serious sign that something is wrong. This usually occurs when air or moisture is trapped in the brake lines, and, unfortunately, you will need professional help to get it out.