Tire Services in Edmonton

Keeping Your Tires Safe — Das Automotive Auto Repair & Inspections


Keeping Your Tires Safe — Das Automotive Auto Repair & Inspections

At Das Automotive Auto Repair & Inspections, we want you to drive a safe and reliable vehicle. That's what you deserve, and anything less than that is unacceptable. It's why we have services for all the major parts and systems within your vehicle, including the tires. Our shop in Edmonton, Alberta, offers a full suite of tire services to resolve any issues you may experience. Our experienced technicians can quickly identify the issue and perform the necessary service so that you can get back to your day quickly. Whatever tire service you need, know that our team has got your back.

Do You Need Your Tires Serviced?

To get the best out of your tires, it is not enough to have them inspected and replaced by professionals on a routine basis (although that certainly helps). You also need to check it yourself, as a lot can happen between service appointments. We are not going to tell you the generic "check your tires" advice because, frankly, you probably know and do that already. We want to give you insightful, actionable advice you can use. So if you suspect issues with your tires or you just want to give it a quick go-around, here is what you can do.

  • Test The PSI: We can tell you to check the tires, but that can only tell you so much. To find out if there is any structural damage hidden to the naked eye, test the tire's PSI. How? Head over to your local gas station (preferably with free air) and fill your tire up. Then, reinsert the tool (it should indicate the current PSI) and evaluate it. If your tire is slowly losing air, that is your indication the tire needs servicing.
  • Penny Test: Looking to test the tire tread? Use the Penny Test, a tried-and-true method for numerous vehicle owners. Insert a penny headfirst into the tread of your tire. If you see the top of Lincoln's head, that lets you know the tread is low, and the tire needs to be replaced. The last thing you need is a bald tire, as that can make driving hard and extremely dangerous.