Wheel Alignment

Stay In Control of Your Car


Stay In Control of Your Car

Camber, caster, and toe, are the different angles used to position car tires and suspension carefully. When the angles aren't quite right, wheel alignment service is necessary to correct them. Das Automotive Auto Repair & Inspections provides wheel alignment for all makes and models to keep them running safely and efficiently. Driving a car with bad alignment is like trying to push a shopping cart with a crooked wheel. It takes more effort and is not as easy to steer. Imagine that on the larger scale of your vehicle. The extra effort means increased fuel consumption, and handling difficulty could pose a safety risk. You can avoid all this with routine wheel alignment service at our shop in Edmonton, Alberta.

What, When, & Where

Imagine the wheels on your car- straight up and down, facing forward, ready to take on the road ahead. Wheel alignment may not be immediately visible to your eye, but a slight misadjustment in any direction could cause problems. Instead of cruising easily down the road, they fight against each other in either direction or lean inwards without making full contact with the road surface. Problems like this can happen from normal wear and tear over time or after a minor impact with a pothole or curb. It is not unusual to have misaligned wheels, which is why most manufacturers recommend getting this service often at regular intervals. This can prevent any negative impacts to your vehicle's safety or performance. It is easy to keep wheels in check by routinely checking their alignment and correcting it. A professional like  Das Automotive Auto Repair & Inspections can help! Walk-ins are welcome!